Drink Pure Water with water filters

What is in your drinking water? Many homeowners might hold up a glass of water and look for any cloudy, dirty, brown color or strange odor. If this is missing, they assume the water is fine.

Unfortunately, many contaminants are colorless or odorless. The EPA has listed a number of acceptable contaminant levels for the following: microorganisms, disinfectants, chemicals and radionuclides. These things just don't sound very healthy and can lead to very serious health problems. If a homeowner wants to give his family safe, healthy and clean water, then an investment in electrolux water filters makes sense.

You Are What You Drink

All locale water treatment systems have their own soil conditions, agriculture runoff and corporate waste water issues. Years ago, many corporations just dumped their chemicals into the local water table. Unfortunately, these chemicals are now re-emerging to cause health problems.

The EPA has listed acceptable levels for various contaminants . Here is the name of one microorganism - Cryptosporidium, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and cramps and the source is human or animal fecal waste. Or the mineral Cadmium, it can cause kidney damage and is due to the corrosion of galvanized pipes. Benzene can cause anemia and is a discharge from factories. Water filter systems could help deliver clean water free of these contaminants.

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